We are a creative and content development agency dedicated mainly, but not exclusively, to the visual arts and the fashion industry. We work across different media for companies, institutions, and publishers in Italy and internationally. Our portfolio includes art, fashion, and photography exhibitions; branding, art direction, and graphic design; marketing and advertising campaigns; events and retail-related activities; as well as book and magazine editing and publishing.

We founded the company in 2001 to edit and publish contemporary art magazine, Boiler, and we have a Shanghai branch since 2014. 

We share offices – and often projects – in Milan with our associates at Fantom – a curatorial collective and online platform dedicated to photography and sound – and with City Brand Event, the organizing company of “Art In The City”, a festival and a digital platform dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art.

Boiler Corporation’s partners are Ivanmaria Vele (Managing Director), Massimo Torrigiani (C.E.O.), Pier Mario Simula (Project Manager), and Susanna Cucco.

Marco Saccardo is our Art Director and Milena Violante our Office Manager.

For every different project, we create ad hoc teams relying on our international network of creatives, consultants, and managers.